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The New Generation in Wide Area Monitoring. Capture, analyze and respond 24/7/365.

Are your facilities safe? If your premises are large and your property is of high value, you should consider a wide area monitoring solution. MarPless together with Sony, a leading producer of high-definition video solutions and surveillance equipment, offer an answer to help keep your highly-valued facilities safe.
The Sony XI’s™
(pronounced X-eyes) wide area monitoring system acts as ‘extra eyes’ to monitor for potentially threatening activities 24/7/365.  XI’s is more efficient than using a large number of conventional surveillance cameras. With the XI’s system, there is no need to preset pinpoint monitoring areas; extremely wide areas can be monitored at once, which allows just one operator to grasp the entire situation surrounding their facilities without being over inundated. By analyzing changes in the scenery, the XI’s system can quickly provide operators with important and relevant information to make quick decisions so they can take appropriate action.

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XI’s Camera Systems include:

  HD System - The HD camera system captures and records extremely high-resolution wide-area panoramic images and high-definition live images to pinpoint specific areas within the overall monitoring area.

  Thermal System - The thermal camera system can effectively monitor in night conditions where nothing is visible to the naked eye.  What’s more, the thermal cameras can be used in the daytime to pick up ‘hot spots’   that are not visible with the HD cameras.

Both long range camera systems monitor wide areas from a single location and transmit image data over IP networks to a server so that the recorded material can be played back anywhere and at anytime.
For wide area monitoring in locations that are not predetermined, the XIS-CM543 Camera Module and XIS-SR500 Surveillance Room combination is ideal.  These rugged mobile units are easily transportable and can be set up anywhere there is flat terrain.  The entire mobile system can be quickly and efficiently deployed and operated by two individuals.
As a complement to cover any specific high-threat points or blind spots, Sony PTZ (Pan/Tilt/ Zoom) IP network cameras can be configured with XI’s systems.  What’s more, a number of other useful features, such as an image enhancer, object extraction, and motion detection, are available to enhance your operations.
Regardless of the size of your facility or the vastness of the area you would like to monitor, Sony has an XI’s solution that is right for you.  Because these systems are designed to be flexible and because they transmit information over IP networks, your system can be expanded to meet future requirements.  For wide area monitoring in locations such as power plants, dams and coastal waterways, airports, seaports, borders, and even city and town monitoring, the Sony XI’s solution is perhaps the most comprehensive monitoring solution available today.

◊ XI's Image Capturing ◊
XI’s systems efficiently capture images of extremely wide areas from a single location. The system can analyze this large panoramic image to easily detect areas of interest, allowing an operator to quickly take appropriate action. That’s the XI’s Capture Analyze Respond principle.

• High-Definition (HD) Long-Range Wide Area Monitoring.Description: Z:\Inetpub\Websites\MarPless\Images\sony-xis-image.jpg
The XIS-5400 (HD system) can capture high-quality, panoramic images up to 270° at distances several kilometers away depending on weather conditions.  To produce the panoramic image, one of the HD cameras scans the preset area and seamlessly stitches each still picture into the panoramic image with effectively 248,800,000 pixels when scanning an area 270° wide.
• Difference Detection.
Difference Detection is an ingenious function of
the XI’s systems that compares the ‘before and after’ images of each scan and when movement is detected, highlights the specific area to alert the operator.  This function responds to movement as small as a human being at a distance over one kilometer away from the camera.
• Live HD Images for 'Spot Monitoring'.
For ‘Spot Monitoring’ of areas within the
panoramic image of the XI’s system’s, a second HD camera is used.  The operator can simply click an area within the panoramic image and the ‘live’ camera will move to capture the image at that location.  Operators can manually pan, tilt, and zoom with the ‘live’ camera for capturing areas of interest or specific activity.
• Recording and Playback of Panorama and Live Images.
Of course all of the monitored images of the XI’s
system, both panorama and live are recorded with a date/time stamp and can be played back whenever necessary.  It is also possible to play back and review specific areas within the panorama image.

◊ XI's Thermal Image Capturing ◊

Thermal Image Monitoring.

The XIS-5310 operates in the IR portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to provide thermal images, making it ideal to monitor at night time. Operating on the same XI's image capturing principles of the XIS-5400, this system can cover wide areas and provide live images even in conditions where nothing is visible to the naked eye.
• 24-hour Operation.

Working in conjunction with the XIS-5400, the
XIS-5310 can be used not only at night but also for daytime monitoring of ‘hot spots’ to provide a 24/7 comprehensive monitoring solution.  And by using a unique panorama overlay function, which gives the operator a daytime appearance even at night, operation is more intuitive. What’s more, a function that overlays colors on moving objects makes it even more user friendly.

◊ XI's Unique Features For Accurate Monitoring ◊
Description: Z:\Inetpub\Websites\MarPless\Images\sony-xis-image.jpgImage Enhancer.

The ‘Image Enhancer’ function available with the live camera of the XI’s system is ideal for use in foggy and smoggy weather conditions.  It enhances the sharpness of the monitored image to provide much more detail than when used without the function.
• Shimmer Reduction.
‘Shimmer Reduction’ minimizes shimmer when
the live camera is zoomed in on small or distant objects to produce clear images with minimal noise.
• 'Object Extraction' within Panaorama Image.
When monitoring images along coastlines, it can
be difficult to differentiate between waves and other moving objects.  The ‘Object Extraction’ function of the XI’s system can be used to distinguish objects in the water from waves.

◊ Mobile Monitoring System ◊

Description: Z:\Inetpub\Websites\MarPless\Images\sony-xis-image.jpg• Transportable Units.
When your requirement is to operate from
locations that are not predetermined, the combination XIS-CM543 Camera Module and XIS-SR500 Surveillance Room is an ideal solution. Both units are transportable by truck, ship, or aircraft and can be easily set up anywhere there is flat terrain.

• Easy Two-Person Operation.

System setup and operation can be performed
with a minimum of two people.  And if there is a need, multiple XIS-CM543 Camera Modules can be operated from a single XIS-SR500 Surveillance room.

◊ Other Convenient Features ◊
• Weatherproof (IP66).

Both the HD cameras and thermal cameras in
the XI’s system are IP66 rated as defined by the IEC 529 standard.  This means that the cameras are resistant to jet sprays and dust ingress.
• Easy Relocation and Expansion.

Because XI’s systems is configured over standard
IP networks, relocation and expansion of the system is very easy.
• Integrated Support of up to eight IP Cameras for Minimizing Blind Spots.

By integrating Sony IP cameras with the XI’s
system, blind spots can be minimized.
• 'Auto Cruise' Function.

Up to 64 presets of PTZ position, focus, and
duration can be set so that the live camera of the XI’s systems “tours” the scene.  Of couse, the camera can be manually overridden.
• Anti-tampering Mechanism.

XI’s Systems uses PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
technology so that images that were taken with XI’s system cameras can be verified for authenticity.

◊ Optional Features ◊
Application Programming Interface (API) for User Specific Applications.
Integration with third-party equipment and
subsystems such as Geographic Maps, Radar Systems, and Global Positioning Systems, is possible.
Intuitive Controls (Remote Control Unit).
An optional remote control unit with
easy-to-use analog controls, including a joystick, is available.
◊ Applications ◊
Typical Applications



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