Visa Systems

VisalonThe Visalon system combines a service orientated visa information system as well as a complete visa management system to securely manage visa and residence permits, including enrolment, approval, printing, issuing and stock control functionality. Visalon supports decentralized enrolment, central or decentralized visa approval and centralized or decentralized visa printing and issuing, fully integrated in a worldwide distributed system.

The system architecture permits embassies and consulates to handle the entire visa/permit process with interfaces to legacy systems, civil and criminal AFIS, N-VIS and C-VIS systems as well as border control interfaces using a central application server and database for any kind of underlying business logic or integration with external systems via web services in a secure communication environment.

Database Lookup and History Concept
Comprehensive query and retrieval of all existing stored information from the visa application database, based on user defined search criteria.

Passport Verification
Complete document verification and captured data is automatically transferred to the demographics capture module to avoid re-entering basic information such as first names, last names, date of birth, nationality, etc. As an option,  RFID information is forwarded to the corresponding modules.

Face Capture and QA
Live face capture with QA (dynamic and static), face and eye finder, automatic cropping and rotating and overall QA according to ISO and ICAO standards and recommendations.

Iris Capture and QA
Live iris capture with QA and image preview.

Fingerprint Capture and QA
Live fingerprint capture with QA, reliable and unreliable minutiae’s, core and delta, ridge flow count, segmentation, sequence check, authenticity check, NFIQ value, etc. for single , dual and 4-4-2 scanners.

Signature Capture
Dynamic cropping and resizing of signature image according to ICAO specs.

Demographics Capture
All demographics data and questions relevant to the visa application will be recorded. Default and preset values as well as pull down menus are supported to speed up the entry and improve accuracy.

Scan and archive multiple documents to link to applicant record and store into register.

Summary and Receipt
VisalonSummaries and receipts are barcoded to fulfil business logic.

Visa Approval Module
Shows a queue of all applications pending for approval from assigned embassies.

Service Denial
Performs queries to support the decision process for granting and denying the application:
• Biometric and textual control lists.
• Civil AFIS / Criminal AFIS
• Already enrolled applicants (duplicate detection).
• Any other external system.

Visalon Printing
Granted visas can be selected, previewed, printed and re-printed if needed.

Visalon Issuing
Query and retrieval via name or barcode, issuing, recording, stock control and biometric verification are supported.

External Interfaces
For border control, N-VIS and C-VIS, etc.

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