Secure Document Verification

VeridocVeriDoc is a market leading, modern and sophisticated software solution that automatically verifies security features in travel documents such as passports, visas and ID cards as well as any other identity document.

VeriDoc addresses the challenge of automating and improving travel and identity document verification with or without a RFID chip, and whether the document is ICAO compliant or not. Numerous verifications are performed automatically and in parallel for every scanned document, thus eliminating the human error factor.

VeriDoc is also part of our SBMS suite and is combined with other solutions as eGate or Visalon, where document verification is required. For System integrators and customers with existing border control application, VeriDoc SDK delivers the possibility to add state-of-the-art high end document verification functionality to the existing system and enhancing the overall security of the system.

• SOA multi tier architecture.
• Truly scalable and distributable.
• Advanced database replication.
• Robust J2EE server side.
• Web service communication.
• Online and offline support.

Passport Reader Independent
VeriDoc uses a generic device interface within our Annwyn architecture for communicating with document readers, liberating it from reader dependency and making it a future proof investment.

Multiple Domains

• Integrated into our SBMS suite.
• Stand alone product - rich client.
• VeriDocWeb - browser based.
• VeriDoc SDK.

VeriDoc Admin
The VeriDoc Admin is the administration application for VeriDoc and its document repository. VeriDoc Admin makes our customer the master of its repository as he can add, delete, modify, refine and manage every document and assign and test every action to be performed on a document.

Automated Document Identification Service (ADIS)
ADIS creates a document print (like a fingerprint) from a scanned document, using all characteristics and statistics of the document. It uses the layout and specific features to automatically identify and select the correct template used for verification against the scanned document via an elaborated search mechanism.

Document Verification
VeridocVeriDoc offers complete fully automated document verification for any travel and ID document, under all given light sources (Visual, UV, IR, Coaxial) including:

• Full RFID support and WSQ encoding.
• Data integrity between VIZ (OCR) vs. MRZ vs. RFID vs. Barcode.
• Biometric integrity (Photo from Datapage vs. Photo from Chip) and optional Photo from Chip vs. external database.
• Advanced security features and pattern matching with various actions and settings.
• Colour range matching.
• UV dull paper checks, IR B900 ink check, photo replacement, etc.
• Digital watermark / IPI (optional).

RFID Chip Support

VeriDoc manages certificates and has interfaces to PKI or LDAP directories and supports:

• Basic Access Control (BAC).
• Passive Authentication (PA).
• Active Authentication (AA).
• Extended Access Control (EAC) barcode and OCR support.
• All common 1D and 2D barcodes supported.
• Included OCR engine for OCR over the VIZ.

User Defined Actions

Actions behave like plug-ins that can be added and removed from the system at runtime.

Document Repository

Full document repository with up to 1900 travel and ID documents, periodically updated with new documents.

Fully Distributed

The inherited synchronization mechanism and client-server architecture allows VeriDoc to be centrally administered and provides the framework for demanding real-life scenarios with clients freely distributed which have to be held in sync.

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