Mobile Solutions

MSBMSOur Mobile Secure Border Management System (MSBMS) integrates the latest advances in security technology and provides a tool to the immigration authorities to efficiently increase the security at air, land and sea ports. MSBMS can be used standalone with embedded database and / or integrated into a central system with full synchronization support and central queries and crosschecks. It has a default interface and connectivity to the SBMS suite.
Suitcase - MSBMS is supported for customized suitcases with extra embedded database and inherited synchronization mechanisms. MSBMS in suitcases is based on the SBMS suite.
Handheld - MSBMS is supported for mobile handheld units running on Windows CE 5/6 and Windows Mobile 6. MSBMS in handhelds is based on the MVT platform.

Furthermore the MSBMS suite offers back office management, a control list management system with full legacy and external system interface support, enterprise-class database replication and synchronization, system administration and the complete range of security and identification checks, including checks over any travel and ID document and of course 1:1 and 1:n biometric matching capabilities (face, finger, iris), etc.


• SOA multi tier architecture.
• Truly scalable and distributable.
• Advanced database replication via LAN / WLAN / GSM / GPRS.
• Robust J2EE server side.
• Embedded database and J2EE connector.
• Web service communication.
• Hardware independent.

Multiple Domains

Suitcase - Customized suitcase solutions (Rugged Hard & Soft-shell Cases) based on SBMS and customer
requirements in various designs and completely hardware independent.
Handheld - Customized mobile solution based on MVT and customer requirements in various designs and completely hardware independent.


Very advanced management for user, service, identity, role, site, workstation and workflow.


Control List Management System

Comprehensive control list management system, managing all kinds of textual and biometric control lists, external and legacy systems, for all varieties of fully integrated background checks.

Document Capture and Verification

Based on our VeriDoc engine, MSBMS offers, in the suitcase solution, complete fully automated document verification, under all given light sources (Visual, UV, IR, Coaxial).

Face Capture and Verification / Identification

MBSMSLive face capture with QA (dynamic and static), face and eye finder, automatic cropping and rotating and overall QA according to ISO and ICAO standards and recommendations. The photo is used for matching against travel documents, control list (1:1 & 1:n supported) and transit data history.

Fingerprint Capture and Verification / Identification

Live fingerprint capture with QA utilizing QFinger and 1:1 matching (i.e. vs. RFID chip) and 1:n matching vs. control lists and external systems.

Iris Capture, Verification and Identification

As an optional module, we offer iris capture and QA for high quality data acquisition to be used for storage and 1:1 and 1:N matching vs. control list and external systems and transit databases.

Transit Data

Summarizing all relevant data of the traveller for a complete audit and history and electronic immigration stamp. support.

Comprehensive Exception Handling

Supervisor, alert and query functions.

◊ Synchronization Support and Monitoring

Support for data replication and synchronization plus monitoring .

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