Live Capture (Biometric)

With identity theft, the proper verification of citizens and travellers has become critical to all countries. With the introduction of stricter international border controls and standards,  Live Capture has come to the forefront in aiding countries to manage and process people accurately and speedily the first time, every time.

BioCapBioCap is a Live Data capture solution built upon a proven multi tier Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) called Annwyn, built for demanding central and decentralized enrolment scenarios. The solution contains various modules providing different functionality that can be combined by the user to create a desired workflow as required for the underlying business logic.

Services to applicants/citizens can be individually defined and customized for every service, user, role, workstation and workflow. Built in quality assurance (QA) measures for all captured data and biometric information, ensure the storage of data in accordance with ANSI / NIST, ICAO and ISO standards and recommendations. The backend application server has all the services built in to provide the entire business logic for a document register, a civil register or even a national population register. It is not limited to specific capture devices and is totally open to operate with any device that a customer requests.
Capture devices include web and digital cameras, fingerprint and palm scanners, iris cameras, A4 flatbed scanners, signature pads, printers etc. BioCap supports online and offline working modes with advanced queuing for flawless synchronization, as well as data & communication encryption by various means. BioCap features a generic printer interface to communicate with passport and ID card printers, and the retrieval of the corresponding datasets to personalize travel and identity documents.

Furthermore it has a biometric identification interface to ensure the integrity of the enrolled persons within the database or register to avoid duplicate enrolments.


• SOA multi tier architecture .
• Truly scalable and distributable .
• Advanced database replication
• Robust J2EE server side.
• Web service communication.
• Hardware independent .


Very advanced management for user, service, identity, role, site, workstation and workflow.

Service Selection

Dynamic multi service support with independent modules and business logic.

Database Lookup

Provides search and query functionality for existing stored data both textual and biometric.

Face Capture and QA
Face Capture
Live face capture with QA (dynamic and static), face and eye finder, automatic cropping, rotating and overall QA according to ISO and ICAO standards and recommendations. Output formats include JPG, BMP and JPEG2000.

Fingerprint Capture and QA

Fingerprint CaptureLive fingerprint capture with QA, reliable and unreliable minutiae’s, core and delta, ridge flow count, segmentation, sequence check, authenticity check, NFIQ value, etc. and auto take and anomalies support. For single , dual and 4-4-2 scanners. Output formats include BMP, WSQ and JPEG2000.

Iris Capture and QA

Live iris capture with QA and image preview. Output formats include JPG, BMP and JPEG2000.

Palm Capture
Right palm, left palm, left and right writer palm. Outputs include BMP, WSQ, JPG and JPEG2000.

Signature Capture
Dynamic cropping and resizing of signature image according to ICAO specs for specific document types and sizing conventions. Output formats include JPG, BMP and JPEG2000.

Voice and Video
Recording multimedia conversations with the applicants for future use and reference.

Demographics Capture
Demographics CaptureTotally customized according to customer requirements. Dropdown list boxes for fast data selection from catalogues and field data validation for QA.

All supporting documents that are part of an application can be scanned with flatbed scanners and linked to the transaction and the data record in the register.

Summary and Receipt
Displays all captured data on a summary view that can be stored and printed together with a barcoded receipt and can reviewed for applicant acceptance.

Issuing Documents
It supports the scanning of receipts, complete data retrieval including storage information, biometric 1:1 matching, recording of the issuance and update of the register.

AFIS and Face Recognition
Biometric interfaces ensure the integrity of the register thru 1:n matching engines.

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