Automatic E-Gates

eGateThe fight against illegal immigration, high crime rate and terrorist threats demands a huge effort from immigration and police authorities in order to create a secure area within the geographical limits of the country.

Our eGate represents an important component of our border control suite and forms the basis of a modern and advanced “state-of-the-art” automatic immigration and access control handling. It utilizes our VeriDoc engine for high-end electronic travel document verification combined with biometric matching and control list handling (textual and biometric) in a user friendly workflow. By combining its application advantages with the latest technologies of eGate hardware, the eGate solution provides a highly secure automatic immigration eGate for border authorities around the world.

Advanced eGate

eGate• Full height mantrap design with stainless steel and glass.
• Advanced “1 Person Only” detection system with IR and TOF (Time of Flight).
• Empty floor detection.
• Mother with child detection.
• Luggage detection.
• Motorized digital camera.
• ePassport reader.
• Dual fingerprint scanner.
• Touchscreens (optional).
• Surveillance camera (optional).

Architecture of eGate application

Truly scalable, developed in .NET - WPF with a robust J2EE server side and web service communication.

Flexible Design

A modular approach allows the authorities to define the modules and functionality they would like to use in the workflow manager. The workflow manager allows the eGate application to fulfil the business logic required by the authorities. With with the border control system in place eGate handles the interfaces and business logic associated with them.

Document Capture and Verification

Based on our VeriDoc engine, the eGate offers complete fully automated document verification, under all given light sources (Visual, UV, IR, Coaxial) including:

• BAC, EAC, PA, AA & cert. handling.
• Data integrity between VIZ (OCR) vs. MRZ vs. RFID vs. Barcode.
• Biometric Integrity (Photo from Datapage vs. Photo from Chip
• Security feature and pattern matching.
• UV dull paper checks, IR B900 ink, photo replacement, etc.
• Digital watermark / IPI (optional).
• Full document repository with up to 1900 travel and ID documents.

Face Capture and Verification

Live face capture with QA ( dynamic and static ), face and eye finder, automatic cropping and rotating and overall QA according to ICAO standards and recommendations. The photo is used for matching against travel documents and control list and for transit data.

Fingerprint Capture and Verification

Live fingerprint capture with QA, reliable and unreliable minutiae’s, core and delta, ridge flow count, segmentation, sequence check, NFIQ, etc.

Transit Data / Flight Selection

Modules for transit data and flight selection are available for a complete transit record.

Control List Management

Support for control list and background checks over various interfaces ( biometric and textual) and control lists.

Transit Database

Complete transit record, history and audit from all transits through the eGate.

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