Primary Business

MarPless' primary business is aimed at large scale IT Turnkey solutions utilizing all biometric technologies for both the government and private sector, both on a national and international basis.

In July 1993 Marubeni Corporation from Japan (Marubeni) and Plessey (Pty) Ltd. (Plessey) established a joint venture in South Africa, MarPless Communication Technologies (Pty) Ltd (MarPless). The shareholding in MarPless is 51% owned by Marubeni and 49% owned by Plessey.

Marubeni (established in 1858) is today one of Japan’s leading Sogo Shosha, or general trading companies, overseeing a range of operations that encompass domestic import, export and offshore trade, and extend from the development of natural resources to the retail marketing of finished products. These operations are conducted through a global business network comprising nearly 149 representative offices in 75 countries worldwide, and more than 600 affiliate companies.

The expertise gained from long term participation in the Global Information and Telecommunications market has allowed Marubeni distinguishing characteristics in:

• Extensive Financing Capabilities
• Economies of Scale and Scope
• Worldwide Networks and Activities
• Diversity of Functions
• Nucleus of many Corporate Groups

Marubeni has been active in South Africa for many years and continues to be a significant investor in South Africa and a major exporter of South African products.

The commitment of MarPless is to continuously improve our ability to address changing market trends and customer expectations and to provide world class products, services and solutions that will be the differentiating factor between us and our competitors.

As a solution provider MarPless has to be aware of technological development and change. This is important, as MarPless has to be able to provide solutions across a number of supplier technologies, MarPless does not want to be tied to a single supplier or technology that is obsolete or lacks the required functionality.

MarPless is led by a dynamic and experienced management team with extensive years of experience in IT disciplines. This team has been developed to this level by exposure to theoretical and applied management techniques and a corporate culture of accepting challenges and supportive behaviour.

Economic Empowerment

BEE CertificateMarPless Economic Empowerment plan is a deliberate and ongoing intervention to ensure participation by South African citizens from previously disadvantaged communities into the mainstream of the South African economy.

MarPless policy is to continuously develop alliances with smaller BEE companies and to this extent have formed various business relationships with SMME’s. MarPless prime responsibility in these relationships is to ensure sustainability and growth for companies that usually cannot afford to take on more work due to cash flow problems or that cannot sustain their overhead structures due to a lack of orders.

MarPless has achieved a Level 4 Contributor BEE rating and a 100% BEE Procurement Recognition Level.

Social Responsibility
Scatterlings is a new player in the South African Early Childhood Development sector, providing early learning for South Africa’s children, thereby addressing one of South Africa’s most urgent needs – the development of young children. Scatterlings offers holistic and practical teacher training programmes to enrich their delivery of quality early learning development for children in their care. They now have 8 day care centres for previously disadvantaged children and 500 other crèches are using their curriculum.

In October 2009 they were nominated for the Mail & Guardian Investing in the Future and Southern Africa Trust Drivers of Change awards.

Marpless believes in the goals and values of Scatterlings and is a proud sponsor of this organisation.

ISO CertificateMarPless is an ISO9001:2015 accredited company and only source equipment from ISO accredited manufacturers. MarPless’ quality management system is modelled using the ARIS Business Process Framework which is an event driven process chain system.

Support Services
MarPless uses qualified technical specialists to support all our solutions in the field and where practical establish repair facilities within S.A. for line replaceable modules. MarPless is committed to providing our customers with a cost effective maintenance and support service system that will optimize solution availability and serviceability.

Track Record
MarPless since its inception has taken pride in ensuring that it’s vision of being “your forward thinking technology partner” marketing and contracting IT solutions company in South Africa has resulted in an outstanding track record, of which a few of its achievements are:

• Home Affairs National Identification System (HANIS) accumulated more than R1bil contract
• National Identification System in Namibia

HANIS is the National Identification System being implemented by the Government of Republic of South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs. It is an electronic identification system, which comprises all our citizens and residents, listing not only the relevant identification and civic affairs information, but also biometric features, such as fingerprints. The main aims of the HANIS project are as follows:

• Provide a unique identification service for S.A. citizens, using an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)
• Provide the public and private sector with reliable identity and verification services
• Disaster Recovery Programme



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